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    Cartridge Filter Housing PRODUCT DISPLAY
    Cartridge Filter Housing

    Cartridge Filter Housing



    Cartridge filter housing is a high precision filtration system which consists of cartridge, housing and fixing device. The fluids flow from the housing inlet, impurities are intercepted on the surface of cartridge, and clean fluids flow out from the outlet.


    Quick fitted eye-bolt fixing system which makes operation a snap.

    Constructed in 304 and 316L stainless steel.

    High filtration precision and uniform cartridges hole sizes.

    Small filtration resistance and fast flow but strong interception ability and long service life.

    The class of cleanness for cartridges material is high without any pollution to filtering media.

    Chemical solvents such as acid and alkali resistant.

    Strong intensity and high temperature resistant make the cartridge not be deformed easily.

    Simple operation and low running cost, can be cleaned easily and cartridges can be replaced.



    Material: 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, carbon steel with corrosion resistant coating

    Pressure designed: 0.6-1.6MPa

    Temperature designed: 110℃

    Filtration Rating: 0.02-200μm

    Differential pressure replaced: 0.08MPa

    Surface treatment: sand blasted, polished, pickling passivation, special paint for stainless steel

    Nozzle type: GB,HG,JIS,AMSE,ANSI,DIN standard flange, clamp, NPT & G Threaded

    Cartridges: flat, 222&226, threaded metal cartridge